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Excel Dental Orthodontics & Implant Center


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Website | (949) 770-7766
23521 Paseo De Valencia #206, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 23521 Paseo De Valencia #206, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA
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Come in as a patient; leave as family.

Dr. Akash Lapsiis known for his gentle and creative touch when it comes to providing dental care, implants, and orthodontics to patients in Carlsbad, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Hills, CA. His academic track record and sincere commitment to his patients' well-being shows his excellence in everything he does.

Dr. Lapsi and our teamtake pride in the quality of the work we provide. Patient comfort is important part of our office. We treat patients like we treat our family. Extra care is taken to make sure patients are comfortable in our office.

Dr. Lapsi delivers exceptional results with each of his individualized cosmetic, restorative, sedation, orthodontic, and general treatments. You may be surprised at how easy it truly is to take care of your smile with procedures such as dental implants, crowns, orthodontics, and more.Whether your dental needs involve a simple cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, a cosmetic procedure, or anything in between, we promise that your dental needs will be met with exceptional care. Our office and staff will make sure you have something to smile about.

Even a subtle change in your smile helps you project an image of self-assurance and high self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your appearance. Today’s advanced techniques and materials can make a real difference, and with our skill, experience, and commitment, we can redesign your smile using a unique combination of science and artistry.

If you are looking for a dentist of the highest caliber, Dr. Lapsi is the dentist for you. Please feel free to contact one of our convenient office locations in Carlsbad, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Hills to schedule an appointment. Call Excel Dental & Orthodontics today!

Google Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars (14 total ratings)

1 Star
This place is a complete scam. Took advantage of their advertised $59 cleaning. Well that didn't happen. Instead, I was presented with a nearly $10,000 estimate after waiting for nearly a 1/2 hour in the chair, only to get very cheap x-rays. Anyway, a word of warning. Avoid the so-called good deal.
Wednesday 12th July 2023
Mike Schwine
1 Star
EXCEL DENTAL AND ORTHODONTICS Unfortunately, I’ve got way too much experience with implants – over 10 of them during the past decade. I’ve used dentists that decided to get into the implants as a sideline, as well as dedicated implant surgeons that only specialize in the practice. Living in Orange County, I’ve always been intrigued with the promotions by a handful of operations promising implant/crowns specials for way under $1,000 – and always promising no hidden costs or surprises. You probably have seen the same ads. Needing another implant I thought I’d check out several ‘budget’ or ‘new patient’ ads in the OC Register and L.A. Times – knowing full well that they were probably too good to be true or switch and bait (‘add-on’ costs). Comparing apples to apples can be challenging because many implant centers will use ‘no-name’ implants to save costs (all my previous implants have been Nobel or Astra, established names in the implant industry). Sometimes I’ve needed sedation services for a particularly challenging surgery (like a sinus lift for bone stability); so I’m understanding that this can be a valid extra cost where needed in difficult situations. With that said … My recent consultation with Excel Dental and Orthodontics pretty much confirmed my suspicions the ad promising a great price on a dental implant with crown/abutment was bogus. My total estimate for a standard implant climbed to $3,000; if I want sedation that would cost $1,500 (about a $1,000 over the normal, standard going rate). The extra thousands of dollars (for a no-name implant by the way!) was for – surprise – “extras”. To top it off, everyone entering the office building was required to wear a mask (which, having just gotten over Covid, I was more than happy to comply with) but, guess what, the receptionist in the office (the person greeting everyone and handling paperwork) wasn’t wearing a mask at any time during my visit. Very uncomfortable, unprofessional and awkward to experience this firsthand. I’m glad that I’m retired so I don’t feel quite as bad about wasting an entire morning with this ‘consultation’. Obviously, operations like this figure on a certain amount of ‘churn’ with some folks just not wanting to get a second or third opinion on a very expensive medical procedure (whether legitimate or an ad come-on promo), and just accepting whatever treatment (and cost) is presented to them – without understanding they’re being taken advantage of. Be aware and informed – do some basic research before getting sucked in like I did!
Friday 7th October 2022
Monica Najera
5 Star
Amazing customer service and an absolute amazing experience. The staff is beyond incredible. Passion is something that can’t be taught and this staff is the definition of passion. They are kind, pleasant, friendly, welcoming, respectful.....you get the idea! This is by design! The facility is top notch with all the latest modern equipment. I have worked in Healthcare most of my life and believe me when I say that is also one of the best run practices I’ve ever seen. Switch to Excel Dental & Orthodontics! There is no reason to ever go anywhere else.
Tuesday 26th November 2019
Laila Rayborn
5 Star
I have been a patient of this office for a year or so now, and every time I come in whether its due to a pain in a tooth, or my 6 month cleaning, I am treated with respect every time I walk into that door. The staff is beyond accepting and kind and very willing to help you out in any way needed. Wendy is always very helpful over the phone when making the appointments, and easy to understand. Dr. Lapsi has an EXCEL-lent dental staff and they really know how to treat patients very well. I recommend Dr. Lapsi and his excellent team to anyone out there who needs any dental work done. He provides many services and has great pricing.
Tuesday 16th December 2014
Kassandra Nava
5 Star
5 star excellence. Dr. Lapsi and the office staff- Wendy, Bryan, Marysol are absolutely the best. Trust me it doesn't get any better than this. I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed at Excel Dental 2 weeks back and I can't stress of how much of an amazing experience I had at this office! I filled out my new patient information paperwork and then was led into the consultation room for the initial consultation. Wendy, made me feel extremely comfortable from the get go by flashing her super nice smile and super friendly attitude. Honestly, it made me feel very much at ease. Marysol, was the dental assistant who took my X-ray and the ct-scan and again went an extra step to make sure that I was extremely comfortable. Then came Dr. Lapsi who is a very patient dentist who deeply cares about his patients. It's quite obvious that'd despite the fact of how busy he was , he still took the time off to explain me the steps involved in the surgical procedure. Wendy went over the prices with me which were extremely fair and reasonable. With that said, I paid in full and scheduled an appointment under sedation to pull all 4 of my wisdom teeth. The day of the procedure , Bryan who is also an Dental assistant put the monitoring system on me in a few different spots. Then, I was out under some laughing gas and felt drowsy. The last thing I could recall was Dr. Lapsi looking at me preparing something for the procedure and after that it's all a blurred memory. When I woke up, I asked if we were finished and to my relief, we were. The surgery was a success and I was given a take home kit which had some gauze, ice pack, a maul tooth brush and a list of post-op instructions. My mind was pretty alert post surgery, although physically I was still feeling a bit dizzy. Bryan, helped me and my boyfriend to my boyfriend's car which was so thoughtful. After I got home , I got a call in the evening from Wendy to check on me and the next day I received a personal e-mail from Dr. Lapsi himself checking on me . Fabulous service! I seriously cannot recommend this place enough.
Thursday 18th July 2019